Microband Air

Microband Air is used for in furrow application of granular chemicals during planting and can be fitted to a wide range of planters. The applicator is mounted low down to aid filling and calibration, with granules being delivered to the outlets via a high capacity pneumatic fan. Automatic rate control and positive product shutoff ensures the most accurate and environmentally responsible application possible. View Brochure

Technical information

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Horstine Microband Air
Hopper Size70L Stainless Steel – Closed transfer connections
MountingMultiple models of 2 & 3 row planters
Metering2 or 3 row Individual Metering
Product DeliveryPneumatic Fan – Electrically driven
Rate Control (Standard)Horstine Wizard Automatic rate control
Speed SensorISO Speed Cable, GPS or Radar
Distribution OutletsFishtails with planter mounting brackets

Key Features

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