AS120 – Amistar & Velum Prime Applicator

The updated AS120 offers precision in furrow application of Amistar and Velum Prime during potato planting. For the first time utilising a peristaltic pump (in place of a mechanical doser), the AS120 offers new levels of application accuracy, with greatly improved reliability. The peristaltic pump also offers increased service intervals whilst reducing costs, offering growers an accurate, dependable system they can rely on.

The Chafer AS120 Sprayer uses a peristaltic pump to mix chemical with water at the point of spraying, into the spray line itself. The 120L stainless steel main tank holds clean water only, which is used for spraying and rinsing the separate 13L chemical tank and spray lines.

The advantage of accurately dosing the chemical separately is that chemical is held in its own dedicated tank and is therefore not at risk of settling, especially if planting has to stop and the tank contents can’t be agitated. Any unused chemical can be drained from the sprayer, stored and used again.

The sprayer is driven by an electrically driven piston diaphragm pump. Spray application can either be fixed rate or controlled by an RDS Spraymaster 200 automatic rate control system which regulates the spraying pressure according to the planters forward speed.  This has the potential to reduce large amounts of over application at the headland.  All AS120 sprayers will have electronic spray on/off and this can be linked to an optional cut out switch that automatically turns the sprayer on and off at the headland without intervention from the operator.

Technical information

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AS120 – Manual ControlAS120 – Auto Rate
Tank ConstructionStainless SteelStainless Steel
Tank Sizes – Standard120l chemical, 13l clean water120l clean water, 13l chemical
Tank Sizes – OptionalNA120l clean water, 2x 13l chemical
PumpPiston diaphragmPiston diaphragm
Chemical controlMixed in 120l tankPeristaltic pump – Forward speed related
Application rateFixedFixed rate (standard), Auto rate (optional)
Mounting EquipementVarious Potato plantersVarious potato planters
Delivery EquipmentVarious Potato planters – Up to 6 outletsVarious Potato planters – Up to 6 outlets
Optional EquipmentFast fill portFast Fill port

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