Horstine Cascade utilises four hydraulically driven metering units and a high capacity fan to distribute solid fertilisers, chemicals and slug pellets. Outlets are located at one metre spacings along the vertically folding boom, with each outlet fed by its own individual rotor. Cascade offers the most accurate application of solid products over a 24m width, increasing product efficacy and widening the application window available to growers. View Brochure


The Horstine Cascade is an extremely versatile applicator, allowing a range of seeds, chemicals and fertilisers to be applied in a variety of situations in widths of 12 to 24 metres.

  • Pre emergence Avadex application
  • Broadcast solid/bulk fertilisers
  • Slug pellet applications
  • Seed application ahead of incorporation
  • Over seeding into a standing crop
  • Avadex

Technical information

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Horstine Cascade
Hopper Sizes1500L – With Internal Sieves
Mounting3 Point Linkage
MeteringUp to 24 Individual outlets – Hydraulically driven
Product DeliveryPneumatic Fan – Hydraulically driven
AgitationStainless Agitation Shaft – Hydraulically driven
Rate Control (Standard)RDS Artemis
Rate Control (Optional)ISObus
Speed SensorISO Speed Cable, GPS or Radar
BoomsVertical Folding – 12 to 24m
Distribution OutletsStainless steel outlets at 1m spacings
Sections2 sections @ 12m, 4 sections when wider

Key Features

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