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TMA4 /

12m boomed applicator
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TMA4 /

Various mounting options
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TMA4 /

Individual metering system
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TMA4 /

1.5m outlet spacings


Horstine TMA4 offers growers a precision applicator for Avadex, slug pellets and other granular chemicals at widths of up to 12m. Utilising Horstine’s individual metering system, each broadcast outlet is fed by its own metering rotor guaranteeing consistent application from each outlet. The metering system is controlled by a Horstine Wizard automatic rate controller, ensuring application rates are always correct regardless of forward speed. A 12 meter manually folding boom comes as standard and can be upgraded to a hydraulic folding system if required. <<<VIEW BROCHURE>>>


Mounting Options - TMA4 is a versatile piece of equipment. It can be mounted on the front or rear of a tractor, fitted to a drill or set of rolls, or pulled by an ATV on a purpose built trailer with its own engine to power the fan. This versatility gives growers a variety of different ways to apply product, ensuring application is in a timely and efficient manner.

Individual Metering - Like all Horstine applicators, the TMA4 uses individual rotors to feed each distribution outlet, guaranteeing application accuracy. Each outlet applies product over a 1.5 meter width, with the spread pattern kept consistent thanks to rigid bends before each outlet. The outer sections of the boom can be rotated whilst folded to prevent damage to the rigid bends during transport.

Electric Metering & Pneumatic Fan - A high capacity hydraulically driven pneumatic fan is fitted to the 3 point linkage mounted TMA4, requiring a 30 l/min hydraulic supply. The two four outlet metering systems are driven by a single high torque electric motor, which is controlled by an automatic rate controller, removing the requirement for a land wheel drive. The trailed TMA4 utilises a 6.5hp petrol engine to drive the pneumatic fan, in place of the hydraulic motor.

Rate Controller - The Horstine Wizard application controller is used to precisely adjust metering rotation speed to compensate for changes in forward speed, ensuring the applicator is always putting on the correct amount. There are three options of speed sensor,  ISO cable, GPS and radar, with growers also having the option of fitting a hopper low level sensor.

For fitment to

  • Three point linkage
  • Optional trailer for ATVs
  • Rolls/Drills

  • 380 litre polyethylene hopper
  • 2 x 4 outlet metering units
  • 12m manually folding booms
  • 8 broadcast outlets at 1.5m spacings
  • Horstine Wizard application controller
  • ISO speed cable
  • Electrically driven metering
  • Hydraulically driven fan with air filter
  • Three point linkage mounting frame


  • Hydraulically folding boom
  • GPS or Radar speed sensor
  • Single axle trailer with auxiliary engine for driving the fan
  • Low hopper level sensors
  • Headland lift switch


COMING SOON – Please call 01427 838341 if your requirement is urgent


Calibration Video



Accuracy as standard.

TMA4 comes fitted with Horstine’s unique metering system, designed to guarantee perfect application across the full implement width. For more information on why this metering system is a must for granular chemical application please click here.

Calibration Video

View TMA4 Calibration Video