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Microband Air /

In furrow granular chemical application
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Microband Air /

Low level closed transfer filling
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Microband Air /

For 2 and 3 row potato planters
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Microband Air /

Simple calibration
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Microband Air /

Automatic rate control as standard

Microband Air

Microband Air is used for in furrow application of granular chemicals during planting and can be fitted to a wide range of planters. The applicator is mounted low down to aid filling and calibration, with granulaes being delivered to the outlets via a high capacity pneumatic fan. Automatic rate control and positive product shutoff ensures the most accurate and environmentally responsible application possible.


Optimum Applicator Mounting - Like our highly accurate Microband systems, Microband Air is designed to utilise our precision metering system. Unlike the gravity Microband, this applicator uses a pneumatic fan to distribute the chemical to the distribution outlets mounted in the planters openers. This allows the 70L stainless steel hopper to be mounted in very accessible positions, resulting in comfortable filling, calibration and maintenance. To ensure operators are not exposed to chemicals, the stainless hopper features two closed transfer couplings mounted in the lid.

Simple Calibration - The process of calibrating a Microband Air could not be simpler. A sliding mechanism allows the calibration tray to be installed, the applicator mounted prime button is then pressed, metering product into the tray. This product is weighed, with the figure then inputed into the in cab controller. This process ensures even and accurate calibration, without the need for operators to carry out calculations to determine drive and sprocket ratios.

Automatic Rate Control - All units come supplied with the Wizard Automatic rate controller as standard. This controller ensures application rate is correct regardless of forward speed and gives operators the option of changing the application rate from the cab. For more information on the functionality of the Wizard please view the Wizard Specification Page.

Easy Installation -  By using an electric motor to drive the metering unit, Microband Air does away with the series of chains and sprockets associated with planter application equipment. This reduces the time and complexity of fitting the applicator to a planter. A series of applicator and outlet mounting brackets are available to suit most popular planters sold in the UK.

For fitment to

  • Planters – 2 & 3 row

  • 70L stainless steel hopper
  • Ultima receivers
  • 2/3 outlet metering unit
  • Electric metering and fan drives
  • Wizard Automatic rate controller
  • ISO speed cable / GPS sensor
  • Planter mounting kit
  • Delivery hose
  • Distribution outlets


Order Code Capacity Colour Outlets Info/Image
HK23000 Microband Air – 70L Horstine Blue 2/3 outlet 2m View
HK23001 Microband Air – 70L Grimme Red 2/3 outlet 2m View


Order Code Controller Standard/Option Info/Image
HK23021 Electric drive – Wizard Controller Option View
HK23022 Electric drive – Apollo Controller Option View
HK23023 Electric drive – Apollo Controller inc. GPS Option View


Order Code Description Standard/Option Info/Image
HK23030 Speed sensor – ISO cable Standard View
HK23031 Speed sensor – GPS Standard View
HK23034 Speed sensor – Radar Option View
HK23040 Headland shutoff switch Option View
HK23043 Hopper low level sensor Option View


Order Code Description Standard/Option Info/Image
HK23051 Grimme GL32B Standard View
HK23052 Grimme GB215 Standard View
HK23060 Grimme GB330 Standard View
HK23054 Structural PM20 Standard View
HK23055 Standen Pearson Standard View




Accuracy as standard.

Microband Air comes fitted with Horstine’s unique metering system, designed to guarantee the same quantity of product is applied from each outlet. For more information on why this metering system is a must for granular chemical application please click here.