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Multidrive 6195

Sprayer type – Self propelled

Wheelbase – 3.8 or 4.2m

Tank sizes – 3000, 4000 or 5000 litres

Boom widths – 24 to 40 metres

Chafer Machinery’s Multidrive demount sprayer is available for both the mid and long wheelbase Multidrive 6195. The Multidrive 6195 is the original purpose load carrier, with the benefits of mechanical drive it is at home both on the road and in the field.

View Multidrive 6195 brochure 


MDFC Specifications


Standard Fitment

  • John Deere 195hp 6.8L, 6-cyl PowerTech engine.
  • ZF fully automatic transmission. 6 forward, 3 reverse speeds with manual override, Torque converter with lockup in all forward gears.
  • Single lever control with shuttle shift capability.
  • ‘On the move’ 2/4 wheel drive engage/disengage
  • Dry disc park brake on gearbox power output shaft.
  • 2m (80“) track axle’s c/w in-board  wet brakes & differential locks.
  • Dual circuit power brakes.
  • Air compressor with air dryer.
  • Pentronic 5-function all wheel steering.
  • Front and rear air suspension.
  • Generation II cab with curved/tinted glass.
  • Overhead air conditioning.
  • Underfloor heating system.
  • Cab carbon filters.
  • Kab 515 seat.
  • Powersaver hydraulic PTO circuit.
  • Speed/area meter c/w PTO rpm sensor
  • Folding cab access step
  • Box section sprayer chassis
  • Tank access platform with steps
  • Height and track adjustable mudguards
  • LED road traffic lighting

 Optional Extras

  • Rear mounted flashing beacon


    Standard Fitment

    • Stainless steel 3,000l internally baffled tank
    • Hinged inspection lid
    • 500l clean water tank
    • Dry tank contents sight gauge
    • Triple tank rinse and tank agitation system
    • Hand wash water tank

     Optional Extras

  • 4000 and 5000l tank upgrades


    Standard Fitment

    • 18-30m twin fold boom
    • 30-40m triple fold boom
    • Electrohydraulic control of boom lift, fold, tilt and independent tilt (where fitted)
    • ¾” or 1” stainless steel spray line with 0.5m jet spacing
    • Triple outlet anti-drip nozzle bodies
    • Spray line prime and purge
    • Electric ball valve section shutoff

    Optional Extras

  • Independent tilt (standard on triple fold, optional on twin fold booms)
  • Independent fold (standard on triple fold outer sections, optional on twin fold booms)
  • Manual fold back tip sections
  • Quin nozzle bodies
  • Air section shut off
  • Additional nozzle body
  • Chafer Contour automatic boom levelling 
  • Plumbing

    Standard Fitment

    • Hydraulically driven 2″ high output centrifugal pump
    • 35l capacity stainless steel venturi chemical hopper
    • Rotary suction and pressure control valves
    • Pressure filtration system with isolation valve
    • In field wash down kit with retractable hose reel
    • 5m suction hose

     Optional Extras

  • Direct clean water tank fill (no connection between pressure side of spray pump and clean water tank)
  • Fast fill port (2″ or 3″)
  • Fast fill pump (2″ of 3″)
  • Hydraulically driven pressure washer
  • 3″ Suction filter 

    Control System

    Standard Fitment

    • RDS Delta 34i rate controller – Pressure based
    • Boom, steering and pump command box

     Optional Extras

  • RDS Delta 34i rate controller – Flow based
  • TeeJet Matrix 570 & 840 GPS Guidance and Section Control
  • ISOBUS control


    Standard Fitment

    • See Optional Extras

     Optional Extras

  • Michelin 340/85 R46 Argibib Rowcrop (150A8)
  • Michelin 380/90 R46 Argibib Rowcrop (157A8)
  • Michelin 380/90 R46 Spraybib (173D)
  • Michelin 480/80 R46 Argibib (158A8)
  • Michelin 620/75 R30 Axiobib (164D)
  • Michelin 650/75 R30 Axiobib (166D)
  • Michelin 710/55 R30 MachXbib (153B)

    Length – 7.9m

    Width – 2.8m

    Height – 4.2m

    Unladen weight – 9.6t


    Based on Multidrive 6195 (4.2m wheelbase) with a 5000l tank, 24m boom and 380/90 R46 tyres fitted

    Multidrive FC Videos

    No Multidrive 6195 videos are available. For more Chafer videos please visit Chafer’s YouTube site.



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