ISOBUS allows operators to control implements such as sprayers, spreaders, mowers etc, through the tractors in cab control terminal. The ISOBUS system has standardised the inputs and outputs from both tractors and implements to provide a “plug and play” solution to machine control. If you specify ISOBUS on your next Chafer sprayer, all of the sprayer controls are uploaded from the sprayer ECU onto the tractors terminal when the machine is plugged in.


The tractor cab of a modern trailed sprayer can be a busy place to be, with a tractor terminal, rate controller, hydraulic control box and in most cases an additional GPS systems controller taking up most of the nearside window. ISOBUS runs everything through the one tractor terminal and moves control of the sprayer to the Multifunction Joystick, dramatically reducing in can clutter and allowing the operator to focus on the job in hand.

This reduction of in cab controllers also means the machine can be quickly and easily swapped between ISOBUS tractors, reducing downtime if a tractor is need for another job or has a reliability issue.


All Chafer Guardian and Sentry trailed sprayers can be specified with ISOBUS compatibility, both new and old. Whether this can be utilised depends on the specification of the spraying tractor. To find out if your tractor is compatible, please contact the Chafer Machinery sales department.