Trailed Sprayers

Chafer trailed sprayers are renowned for excellent build quality, outstanding accuracy and market leading residual values, making them the perfect choice for the business minded farmer.

Self Propelled

Chafer self propelled and demountable sprayers provide maximum output and manoeuvrability. Utilising the best chassis’ on the market, output and accuracy are assured.



Fertiliser Applicators

Chafer liquid fertiliser application equipment delivers nutrients to where they are required with absolute precision and control.

Chemical Applicators

Specialist sprayers offering new levels of precision while applying chemicals at various stages of potato production.




Chafer’s range of sprayer technologies are designed to help maximise accuracy and efficiency of the spraying process.


Used Machines

If you like the look of the Chafer range but can’t stretch to a new machine, view our Chafer used machines page to see what stock we are currently holding.


Chafer’s sister company Horstine offers products to precisely apply granular chemicals, fertilisers and seeds. View the Horstine website.

Jet Charts

Streambar MR – 1/2M

Streambar MR – 1/3M

Streambar – 4 port – 1/2M

Streambar – 4 port – 1/3M

Streambar – 2 port – 1/3M