ISOBUS control for Guardian and Sentry

Chafer Machinery will use Cereals 2012 as the platform to launch its new control terminals for all new and existing trailed sprayers. In direct response to customer demand Chafer sprayers can now be used in conjunction with an ISOBUS ready tractor, enabling an operator to connect the sprayer to the tractor via an ISOBUS socket. The sprayers control software is then loaded onto the tractors ISOBUS screen from where all sprayer functions can be controlled. This eliminates the requirement for a separate control screen in the tractor cab saving expense and freeing up valuable cab space.

A further development allows customers without an ISOBUS ready tractor to control all sprayer functions including rate control, hydraulics, field guidance and automatic boom section control through one integrated control terminal and joystick. This eliminates the need for multiple switchboxes and control screens in the tractor cab. Existing Chafer control systems including “Traxle” steering and “Contour” automatic boom leveling will operate through the new terminals. Additional functionality includes multiple nozzle control, data transfer between office PC and sprayer terminal, and automatic filling control to increase spraying accuracy and operator convenience.

Guardian and Sentry are now available with ISOBUS control